Kick These 3 Old Habits for a Neck Pain-free Life

Do you constantly brave recurring neck pain that radiates to your shoulders and arms? If your answer is yes, you likely have a pinched nerve, cervical spine misalignments, or perhaps a crick in the neck. Studies reveal that as much as 50 percent of the general adult population in the USA suffers from neck pain each year. Still, very few get diagnosed, and even fewer have access to helpful remedies. Thankfully, you don’t have to be one of them! With the help of a chiropractor for neck pain in Newnan and a few lifestyle modifications to prevent poor habits that lead to neck pain, you can enjoy a pain-free life.


Three Habits that Harm Your Neck

Dr. Brandon Hard, a seasoned chiropractor for neck pain in Newnan, believes that excellent spine health is key to a more productive and happy life. But unfortunately, not a lot of people know the importance of spinal health and its impacts on health and well-being. For this reason, we thought of preparing a condensed list of the most common and easily overlooked habits that injure the cervical spine.

1. Sleeping on your stomach

You may not realize it, but the way you sleep at night does not only affect your vibe for the following day but also your attitude and aptitude. Therefore you must remain mindful of your posture even when you sleep. 

You might think, “how am I supposed to mind my sleeping posture while unconscious?” Surely, that doesn’t mean you must stay awake all night patrolling your position. Instead, think of it as planning your sleeping position, so you don’t tilt your head or neck in awkward positions or prevent sleeping on your stomach. Studies explain that this specific position is notorious for causing neck and spinal problems. 

It forces your neck to bend on one side and remain in that position for an extended period. It also strains your cervical spine and pressures the muscles and joints to adjust. On top of all that, sleeping on your stomach can contribute to postural imbalances such as C1 and C2 bone misalignments. 

If you happen to sleep on your stomach, we suggest propping a pillow between your legs to support your body while sleeping. Alternatively, you can build a pillow fortress to prevent your body from rolling over when you fall asleep.

2. Gadgets all day, every day

In this day and age, having a gadget is more of a necessity than a luxury. So much so that it has been made easily accessible for all and sundry. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that extensive use of gadgets for work or pure entertainment can cause neck pain. Many are so engrossed in what they do with their gadgets that they get stuck in one position or contort their body like a human pretzel while staring at the screen.

Doing so damages the whole spine, potentially compressing the nerves and increasing risks for recurring neck pain and other spine-related disorders. 

To prevent pain and other unpleasant effects of prolonged gadget use, we suggest doing the following: 

  • Avoid leaning into your electronic devices
  • Take quick breaks while using your go-to gadgets
  • Adjust the position of the screen so you can view it without tilting your neck downwards

3. Inactivity

While being tranquil is a great thing, having too little physical activity every day is dangerous. That’s why healthcare professionals like our chiropractor for neck pain in Newnan often warn against leading a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some notable effects of inactivity:  

  • Lower bone density
  • Loss or decreased body flexibility
  • Obesity or abnormal weight gain
  • Premature breakdown of the fibrous layer of the discs 
  • Poor blood circulation to different body parts, including the spine

To avoid these problems, we strongly suggest scheduling regular workout. You may also tap into other physical activities like yoga, running around the neighborhood with your dog, cycling, or swimming. If you can’t carve out enough time for these things, you can tap into simple neck stretching exercises


Goodbye Achy Neck: How a Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Newnan Can Help

Postural problems and neck pain will continue for as long as you keep practicing the bad habits we listed above. While it’s not easy to do away with these things, we believe that consistently choosing healthier options can help you build better habits. Additionally, we suggest trying upper cervical chiropractic - the gentlest yet most effective way of addressing the very root cause of neck pain.

Upper cervical care focuses on fixing postural imbalances that result from poor lifestyle choices and previous injuries. It also helps relieve pressure on the cervical spine and the affected nerves, muscles, and joints. The technique works by providing carefully calibrated C1 and C2 bone adjustments. 

Our upper cervical care doctor runs a series of diagnostic examinations to gauge the severity of the neck bone misalignment to obtain precise measurements. Some of these tests include gait assessment, physical examination of the neck, and a 3D X-ray scan of the cervical spine. 

If you are still having chronic neck pains or just want to know more about the current condition of your spinal health, contact Liberty Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Our chiropractor for neck pain in Newnan is available to help you Monday to Friday.

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