Can Peripheral Vertigo Episodes Go Away?

Peripheral Vertigo, natural relief for vertigo in Newnan, Newnan GA Chiropractic, Newnan Chiropractor

Do you experience mornings where you hesitate to sit in bed, fearing that a sudden swirl of dizziness will greet you with the morning light? Have you found yourself strategically planning your daily tasks to avoid those dizzying moments triggered by looking up or bending down? How do these dizzy spells affect you now? Does the thought of reaching for something on the bottom shelf of the washing machine make you worry, anticipating the potential vertigo episode? 

Have you mastered the art of turning your head slowly at your desk, trying to prevent the abrupt head movement that could set off vertigo? Has tying your shoelaces become a meticulous task involving slow and deliberate movements to avoid triggering a dizzying episode? The list of challenges vertigo can bring goes on. Therefore, shifting your focus to finding relief is crucial. Do you know what to do next? Are you open to finding natural relief for vertigo in Newnan? 

Peripheral vertigo can turn your world upside down, and it isn't just a dizzy spell; it's a disruption to your daily life, making everything spin even when you're not exhibiting any form of movement. Keep reading, and let us help you shed light on peripheral vertigo, exploring whether it's a temporary or lasting inconvenience. Moreover, we'll shed light on a natural relief option —Newnan GA Chiropractic Care.


Common Culprits Behind Peripheral Vertigo: A Newnan Chiropractor Explains

A lot of patients seek help from a Newnan Chiropractor for vertigo relief - specifically for spinning sensations that result from peripheral vertigo. Are you familiar with this specific type of vertigo? Essentially, peripheral vertigo can be attributed to several culprits, each with duration and management strategies. Below are some of them:

  1. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Tiny calcium particles in the inner ear can disrupt balance signals, causing sudden, short-lived vertigo spells. This condition can resolve on its own over time, but there are cases when it can come back. So, if ever you think it's come back for you, reach out to your healthcare provider for a proper diagnosis and guidance.

  1. Vestibular Migraines

Beyond headaches, vestibular migraines bring about peripheral vertigo, often accompanied by headaches and light sensitivity. The duration tends to be intermittent.

  1. Meniere's Disease

This inner ear disorder manifests as severe bouts of vertigo, along with ear ringing and ear fullness. While it can linger even for years, timely intervention and lifestyle adjustments can help manage flare-ups to make you cope better and live a normal life.

  1. Labyrinthitis

Inflammation of the inner ear's labyrinth can induce peripheral vertigo. The good news is, once the infection is managed and subsides, so do the dizzying spells.

  1. Injury or Trauma

Falls or head injuries can lead to upper cervical misalignment, causing recurring vertigo. Misalignments affect nerve signal transmission, muscles, and blood vessels, impacting balance perception. Unless corrected, these misalignments can continue to trigger symptoms such as vertigo and worsen over time.

Peripheral Vertigo, natural relief for vertigo in Newnan, Newnan GA Chiropractic, Newnan Chiropractor

Upper Cervical Care, an option for natural relief for vertigo in Newnan

In case you don't know, the alignment of your upper cervical spine plays a pivotal role in peripheral vertigo. Accidents, injuries, or poor posture can shift these bones, triggering a cascade of disruptions that leave you feeling dizzy and disoriented. Unfortunately, they do not heal over time, and your symptoms can only get more frequent and worse. Yes, it can last longer than you want unless you seek an expert's help to correct it. 

Upper Cervical Care focuses on gently realigning the misaligned atlas and axis bones, addressing one of the possible root causes of your chronic vertigo episodes. This natural relief method offers a chance to regain control and stability by correcting misalignments and alleviating your symptoms.

For natural relief for vertigo in Newnan, book a consultation with our Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Hard. He can provide personalized care plans tailored to your unique needs to ensure every effort is efficient and can help you find lasting relief.
Don't let vertigo dictate your pace. Try Newnan GA Chiropractic Care today and return to a balanced, stable life without worrying about dizzy spells.


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